About the company
JSC Furniture QH Vietnam is pleased to greet customers.
Our company is a supplier and construction products Compact HPL Formica Group United States in Vietnam, and also distribution of Compact HPL of the company name out QH Vietnam tieng.Ngoai provides synchronous fittings for sanitary partitions and other products, such as toilet partition MFC wood moisture.
As a company specialized in providing and designing wall sanitary products for projects serving commercial centers, industrial parks, offices, schools ... QH always investing in research and development to be able to the market for these products toilet bulkhead best, diversified construction plans and saving for trade and office center - school - industrial parks.
   In order to advise and provide the best products for hygienic wall, office wall, cell wall contact us
Hotline: 046.329.7459
Handphone: Mr. 0979 546 199 or Ms Quan Hoai: 0912 749 092.

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